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About Me 

I started taking guitar lessons at the age of ten and I have spent many years honing my guitar skills and techniques.  When I was fourteen I listened to my parents' old Beatles records and I loved the songs. One day, I found some Beatles sheet music my Father had and learned some their songs; then my musical journey began.


After that, I branched out into many different styles from Rock and Country to Jazz, Funk and Soul. When I was about 16 myself, my brother and some friends from school formed a band and I have been in a band in one form or another ever since.



The artists that influenced my playing style are:-


Pink Floyd

Grateful Dead

The Doors

Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles

Bob Marley

Ernest Ranglin

Bob Dylan 

Miles Davis 


I can teach various styles of guitar, these include:- 


Rock, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Blue Grass, Rockabilly, Pop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Guitar Effects.